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Volcan: Defend the Tower - Fungal Toxin

Embark on an enthralling journey as we delve deep into the captivating origins that set the stage for the events of Volcan Defend the Tower. Unveil the expansion of the game universe and witness the birth of an imminent menace in Volcan Defend the Tower: Fungal Toxin. Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative that unravels the enigmatic origins of this toxic substance, unveiling its devastating impact on the planet. Prepare to uncover the secrets and unveil the truth behind the looming threat that looms over the Volcan Tower.

Gameplay Features:
• Expansive open world teeming with countless enemies and valuable items, awaiting exploration.
• Upgrade system for characters and turrets offering over 30 distinct abilities.
• Ability to equip both primary and secondary weapons simultaneously.
• Devastating melee attacks for close-quarters combat.
• Diverse array of enemies exhibiting unique behavioral patterns.
• Relentless hordes of enemies relentlessly assaulting the Volcan Tower.
• Mission system guiding players through their next objectives.
• Each Act culminates in a colossal and monstrous boss battle.
• Real-time tracking of the Volcan Tower's environmental cleansing progress.
• Voice Log System for immersive storytelling.
• Dynamic Day-Night Cycle adding depth to the gameplay experience.




3rd-person Shooter, Tower Defense

Game mode:

Single Player


PC (Steam)



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