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The Sin of Cytrix

"The Sin of Cytrix" is a thrilling top-down shooter game set in a dystopian cyberpunk world that revolves around the story of Cytrix, a solitary mercenary with a mysterious and dark past. With the game following an action/RPG style, the player will engage in a series of missions located in the starting city of Everbright City.
As players complete missions, they can access new locations and items, uncovering more about the story and Cytrix's true mission.

The game features:
• Procedural items - randomized every turn,
• A dynamic skill system,
• Hundreds of items with item rarity,
• Talent trees
• Replay missions for random rewards and scenarios with a day-night weather system.

In addition, the game has a time attack game mode and utilizes Unreal Engine 5 graphics and effects to create a visually stunning and immersive experience.
Will you help Cytrix uncover the truth and redeem her past sins, or succumb to the dangers of this decaying world?




Top-down shooter, Action, RPG

Game mode:

Single Player (14 hours)





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