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Eternal Soldier: Plaguelands

Immerse yourself in the harrowing depths of the Plaguelands, a treacherous realm of poison and infestation. As the Eternal Soldier, you find yourself trapped within this nightmarish domain, where malevolent creatures and toxic afflictions threaten to consume your immortal soul. Armed with otherworldly weapons bestowed upon you in purgatory, you must navigate through twisted vegetation and conquer deadly plagues. Engage in relentless battles against hordes of venomous beasts and corrupted entities, as you strive to break free from the cycle of eternal suffering.

Gameplay Features:

• Insane hellish environment in the Plaguelands
• Character and weapon upgrade system
• Ability to equip primary and secondary weapons simultaneously
• Devastating melee attacks
• Dash system for swift maneuvers




1st-person Shooter, Infinity Waves

Game mode:

Single Player


PC (Steam), Android



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